At Clifton Primary, we aim to personalise the curriculum to meet the needs of all children and to ensure that each child makes optimum progress. In order to achieve this we use formative and summative assessment:

Formative Assessment

We consider this to be the most important form of assessment as it is led by the child as well as the teacher and is what drives good progress.

It happens informally on a day to day basis and enables teachers to plan for effective teaching and learning and children to have a clear understanding of the next steps in their learning.

Summative Assessment

This takes place at regular intervals usually after a period of learning in order to evaluate how far children have succeeded in achieving their learning objectives.

Also see: Assessment pre-September 2014

From September 2014, the government have removed the system of levels to assess children. They have now established programmes of study and attainment targets which children are expected to achieve at each age.

Children move on to the Year 1 programmes of study and attainment targets when they have completed the Early Years Foundation Profile and are expected to have achieved the Year 6 programmes of study by the end of Key Stage 2.

Below is a link to the statutory programmes of study and attainment targets for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2: