We run a variety of clubs at our school. Our current timetable is as follows:

At Clifton we have many clubs running at lunchtimes and after school - please see our timetable above. Teaching assistants also run lots of extra clubs for their classes at lunchtimes; for more information please speak to your child's class teacher.

Clubs at Clifton

Many of our clubs at Clifton are validated with the Children's University.

Always Club

Display of our Always Club artwork at KS2.

At Clifton Primary we run an 'Always Club'.

Children who attend this club are chosen each week by their class teachers because they are 'always' good, 'always' work hard and are 'always' kind and helpful to others.

Each week the children have fun whilst working on art, craft, handwriting (calligraphy) drawing, sketching activities and many more.

Breakfast Club

Children at our Breakfast Club.

From 8 o'clock every morning all pupils are welcome to join us for a slice of healthy wholemeal toast or a bowl of cereal at our Breakfast Club.

After breakfast children can play a range of games or other quiet activities in Woodlands Hall until the bell goes.

A great way to start the day!

Read more about Breakfast Club.

Change 4 Life

Change 4 Life offers pupils the opportunity to learn about healthy life choices and different ways to be physically active.

Run by Miss Khatoon and Mr Lamprey, with a range of outside providers, it provides pupils with the opportunity to make significant choices in how they wish to live their lives!

Find out more at the Change 4 Life website (external link).

Choir Club

Choir Club
The choir in good voice!

We have singing and choir clubs in both KS1 and KS2.

The children love to attend these lunchtime clubs where they learn singing techniques and songs and enjoy performing for the school and local community.

Comprehension Club

Comprehension Club
Learning together in the morning.

This club is made up of enthusiastic children who come to school at 8.00am in the morning to join in with comprehension sessions.

This is a fun and interactive learning group.

Cooking Club

Comprehension Club
Being creative in the kitchen.

Cooking club is a fantastic way to introduce the children the basics of cooking. Working together, the children create some delicious treats!

It is a great way to promote healthy living and the children really enjoy cooking food they can take home.

Dance Club

Following the success of 2013/14's brilliant performance in the Great Big Dance Off, we have teamed up again with Dazzlers Dance Company to give boys and girls in Years 5 and 6 the opportunity to showcase their brilliant work.

The club meets every Tuesday after school with our coach Darnisha as is assisted by Miss Shafiq and Miss Sleem.

DigiSmart Club

Learning to get smart digitally!

Digismart is a programme which develops children's literacy skills through the use of ICT.

Children will enhance their comprehension and writing skills by using a range of interactive, online resources alongside their workbooks. The programme is made up of up to nineteen sessions, which will take place on a weekly basis after school. After each unit the children will share a short presentation of their work.

Last year, the children who participated in this club found that their Literacy and ICT skills developed. They also became much more self confident and enjoyed taking part in the club.

Fizzical Club

Getting active in Fizzical Club.

Fizzical Club is all about getting children active in enjoyable ways

Children are given a pedometer when they join the club and keep track of how many steps they are walking every day.

The club sets exciting challenges for the children to complete outside of school as well as providing them with different activities each week.

Football Clubs

Practising passing skills in Football Club.

We run football clubs for pupils from Year 1 to Year 6.

Mr Muhsen runs Years 4 to 6 and has organised a regular league for players to show off their skills. In 2013/14 we were Greet League Champions and won the Birmingham Section of the Rotary Cup! Check out the trophies in the cabinet in the main reception.

On Tuesday nights Andy Warner from Aston Villa runs our Year 1 to 3 clubs, with help from Mr Cumberbatch. Everyone has a great time practicing their skills!

Homework Club

Homework Club
Working hard on our homework.

Focused mainly on Numeracy, children have the opportunity to revisit topic areas and learn in a small, supportive and fun environment.

Knitting Club

We really enjoy our knitting.

There are knitting clubs in Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4. We meet at lunchtime and after school with Mrs Jones. We have knitted many different things, purses, pencil cases, mobile phone covers and a passport bag.

Knitting uses lots of maths skills; we have to count stitches and our rows. It also takes lots of concentration. The children in Year 4 who are really good at knitting now help each other sort out any problems.

Recorder Club

Seeing who can hold the longest note!

Our budding recorder players belong to a club that takes place at lunchtimes and is run by recorder specialist Mrs Carmichael.

We play along to a great CD that accompanies us and often play to the rest of the school in assemblies.

Running Club

Working hard in Running Club.

Running club is a new club for hardworking girls in KS2! Happening during lunchtime, the girls are challenged to work on their pace, running styles and we even finish with some races.

After ten sessions the girls will be ready to start practising their long distance running outside of school.

It's a great way to work up an appetite!


Taking part in Cool Science.

STEM club covers the four areas of STEM - science, technology, engineering and maths - and is for enthusiastic budding young engineers.

We devise investigations; try programming and experiment using equipment in the Clifton Science Lab.

STEM club runs weekly, and is for KS2 pupils aspiring to find out more about the STEM subjects.