QR Codes at Clifton

What are QR Codes?

A QR (quick response) code is a barcode which can be read by webcams or smart phones.

Smart phones require an app, such as QR Code Reader, to scan the barcode. When the barcode is scanned, information appears on the phone screen or computer. This information can be text, a web address, an email address or a video. It's a fast and easy way of allowing users to access information.

How are QR Codes scanned?

There are many choices for QR scanning apps. You will need to choose one for the device that you are using (smartphone/tablet). Here are a few of the more popular ones to consider:

The above are all external links.

How do we use QR Codes at Clifton?

At Clifton, we use QR codes in a number of ways. Here are some of them:

  • All newsletters from September 2017 include a QR code. Each week these QR codes differ: they may link to a website, an important piece of information, a learning tool, a video. These links give information or activities that families can share each week.
  • Around school, trees are labelled with QR codes so to help us identify the different types we have in our grounds.
  • Classroom boards have QR codes to help children access sites like Mathletics and PurpleMash easily.
  • Teachers may also place QR codes around the classroom or school, to set treasure hunts linked to children's learning.