Leadership Team

On this page you can meet the members of our school Leadership Team.

These lovely pictures were drawn by some of our pupils. If you'd like to see what the staff really look like - just hover over the drawings with your mouse.

Mrs Mitchell
by Shoaib

Mrs Brown
by Sadia

Dr Allen
by Selsabila

Mrs Hemming
by Surma

Mrs Bi
by Shakil

Miss Hitchcock
by Ibrahim

Mrs O'Leary
by Iqrah

Mr Bhachu
by Zanyab

Mrs Finlay
by Haleema

Mr Lamprey
by Nashwa

Mrs Brownsword
by Raneeya

Leadership Team Members

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs Christine Mitchell Executive Head
Mrs Angela Brown Head of School
Dr Sarah Allen Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Nicola Hemming Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Azra Bi Assistant Headteacher
Miss Christy Hitchcock Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Julia O'Leary Assistant Headteacher
Mr Pavanjit Bhachu Lead Practitioner for Maths
Mrs Frankie Finlay Lead Practitioner for Technology
Mr Owen Lamprey Lead Practitioner for Health and Well Being
Mrs Kay Brownsword Business Manager