Support Staff

Here you can meet all our support staff, including our Teaching Assistants.

These lovely pictures were drawn by some of our pupils. If you'd like to see what the staff really look like - just hover over the drawings with your mouse.

Mrs N Akhtar
by Aleeza

Miss S Akhtar
by Jannah

Miss Baig
by Anees

Mrs Bashir
by Amir

Mrs F Begum
by Rahil

Miss H Begum
by Stephen

Miss I Begum
by Inass

Mrs N Begum
by Mohammed

Ms A Bi
by Hajra

Mrs M Bi
by Imees

Mrs Bibi
by Junaid

Miss Buffel
by Shakir

Mrs Collins
by Sana

Mr Dhir
by Fatima

Ms Downer
by Shakir

Ms Gibbins
by Fatima

Mrs Gulzar
by Ayub

Mrs Harold
by Humayra

Mrs Harsh
by Mariyam

Mrs Haskins
by Aliya

Ms Hizam
by Nadiya

Ms L Hubaishi
by Sidra

Mrs R Hussain
by Sadiya

Miss Jabeen
by Nisha

Mrs Jamil
by Amna

Mrs Kassim
by Jordan

Mrs N Kausar
by Husna

Mrs Nazmin Kauser
by Haleema

Ms Noreen Kauser
by Zeeshan

Mrs Khatun
by Runa

Mrs Kouser
by Duaa

Mr Mahmood
by Amir

Mrs Malik
by Adil

Mr Midgley
by Amina

Mr M Mohammed

Mr P Moody
by Aisha

Mr Muhsen
by Anees

Mrs Mumtaj
by Hamila

Miss Obayd
by Ehtekam

Mrs Shahida Parveen
by Asiya

Mrs Perveen
by Hajra

Mrs Rahman
by Ameena

Mrs Raza
by Nimrah

Mr Rose
by Sofia

Miss Saeid
by Alisha

Mrs Shaber
by Sabia

Miss A Shafiq
by Jagbir

Mrs Shaheen
by Shakir

Miss Shand-Davies
by Waneesah

Mrs Simpson
by Mehek
Ms Sumner
by Hamzah

Miss Ward
by Mehek

Ms Yafai
by Aman

Our School Cooks
by Zeeshan

Support Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs Noor Akhtar Receptionist
Miss Shoma Akhtar Teaching Assistant
Miss Selina Baig Play Leader
Mrs Farhat Bashir Teaching Assistant
Mrs Freeda Begum Teaching Assistant
Miss Honufa Begum Teaching Assistant
Miss Imani Begum Teaching Assistant
Mrs Navida Begum Teaching Assistant
Ms Azra Bi Teaching Assistant
Mrs Majida Bi Teaching Assistant
Mrs Yazmin Bibi Teaching Assistant
Miss Lisa Buffel Learning Mentor
Mrs Mary Collins Clerical Assistant
Mr Ravi Dhir Learning Mentor
Ms Sarah Downer Senior Learning Mentor
Ms Elyse Gibbins Senior Office Manager
Mrs Shabnum Gulzar Teaching Assistant
Mrs Victoria Harold HR Manager
Mrs Suman Harsh Teaching Assistant
Mrs Clare Haskins Teaching Assistant
Ms Wigdan Hizam Teaching Assistant
Ms Laila Hubaishi Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rabina Hussain Teaching Assistant
Miss Gazala Jabeen Teaching Assistant
Mrs Azra Jamil Teaching Assistant
Mrs Saba Kassim Teaching Assistant
Mrs Noreen Kausar Teaching Assistant
Mrs Nazmin Kauser Teaching Assistant
Ms Noreen Kauser Teaching Assistant
Ms Tabassum Khan Play Worker
Mrs Khaleda Khatun Learning Mentor
Mrs Halima Kouser Teaching Assistant
Mr Quaisar Mahmood Senior ICT Support Officer
Mrs Asima Malik Teaching Assistant
Mr Robert Midgley Teaching Assistant
Mr Muad Mohammed Teaching Assistant
Mr Paul Moody Building Services Manager
Mr Mohammed Muhsen Learning Mentor
Mrs Nargis Mumtaj Teaching Assistant
Miss Fathia Obayd Teaching Assistant
Mrs Shahida Parveen Teaching Assistant
Mrs Zarka Perveen School Administrator
Mrs Halima Rahman Teaching Assistant
Mrs Nasma Raza Teaching Assistant
Mr Jordan Rose Learning Mentor
Miss Yasmin Saeid Clerical Assistant
Mrs Saima Shaber Teaching Assistant
Miss Anneika Shafiq Teaching Assistant
Mrs Musarat Shaheen Teaching Assistant
Miss Lydia Shand-Davies Teaching Assistant
Mrs Judy Simpson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Louise Sumner Teaching Assistant
Miss Charlie Ward Teaching Assistant
Ms Lyla Yafai Teaching Assistant
Miss Nur Hussain Cleaner
Ms Jamila Ajaib Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Rukhsar Ali Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Michael Cumberbatch Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Waheedah Din Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Zahra Hussein Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Haawo Ibrahim Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Shahnaz Iqbal Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Kishwar Ismail Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Iqbal Bibi Khan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Tabasam Kusar Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Ghazala Liaquat Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Mozambal Mahmood Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Nina Masawala Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Tahira Parveen Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Palmender Vaseer Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Aisha Yousaf Lunchtime Supervisor