Introduction to Technology

Technology plays a large part in Clifton's vision of 'A World of Learning Together' as we feel that it is not just the children that are constantly learning and moving forward, the staff and parents are too.

Staff have regular training in different aspects of ICT and computing, from using different devices to augmented reality and programming. Clifton has recently become a 2Simple Professional Development Centre (external link), enabling our school to be part of providing training to other local schools.

Training is also provided for parents at Inspires and eSafety meetings. The purpose of this is to ensure that our children are inspired, confident and safe when using technology.

The children have many opportunities to use technology. From basic word processing and paint programs, to mastering PowerPoint, all the basics are covered. However, the children's experiences soon develop and by Year 3 children are beginning to learn the basics of programming and running bug fixes. As they progress through school from Nursery to Year 6, children explore the different careers that ICT and computing can support. We believe this gives them experiences they need to prepare them for 21st century lifestyles.

Our whole community is involved; parents and governors are able to use the school website to easily access the blog, PurpleMash (external link) and our @CliftonPrim Twitter Feed (external link). Here, we celebrate work and achievements on a daily basis with the extended family of Clifton. Our text messaging system is embedded in school life and makes communication quick and effective.

Technology is in all our lives. For our children it will form the basis of their future careers. Teaching them how to use it, create with it and stay safe while using it is crucial to developing 21st Century citizens.

Digital Literacy Club members use iPads for research and presentation.
Parent workshops give parents the opportunity to use the blog with their children.

Classes use technology to support their learning.
Children use programming tools in lessons. This lesson is linked to Islamic Art..