Year 6

In Year 6 we have a rich and varied curriculum, including many exciting trips and events to enrich pupils' learning. We follow the new 2014 National Curriculum.

We focus heavily on developing literacy skills across the curriculum and in addition to this, we have a designated hour each day for a literacy set lesson. These lessons are strongly linked to our themed IPC (International Primary Curriculum) topics wherever possible.

We have an extra literacy lesson for extended writing and there is an emphasis on developing writing skills right across the curriculum. For writing, we use Alan Peat's (Independent Literacy Consultant) exciting sentences to encourage the children to be more creative and improve the quality of their writing. Wherever possible, children write for an audience and writing is given a clear purpose. Drama is a large part of ensuring children are challenged and engaged with their learning, and this is used to develop children's confidence in speaking and listening.

Mathematics taught in ability sets every day. Additional maths sessions are used to develop the children's arithmetic skills focusing on key strategies. Within numeracy, the children take the 100 club challenge each week to increase their times table knowledge and there is also a focus on problem solving, reasoning and answering questions under timed conditions.

In both English and maths, children are often taught by more than one teacher in class to give them a higher level of support. Most children are also taught in focus groups to maximise the learning and give the appropriate support to ensure the children reach their targets. These take place during the school day, before and after school. We have a drive on maths, and literacy in Year 6 to prepare the children for SATs and for Secondary School. Homework for each subject is set every week and children also have a weekly learning focus: spellings, times tables or number bond work. High quality homework books are bought by the school to help maximise the learning at home.

In addition to numeracy and literacy, children have an exciting and varied curriculum including Science, Computing, RE, Music, French and PE following the New National Curriculum 2014.

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) forms our themed topics, covering foundation subjects. For each topic, we have exciting entry and exit points, such a trip to the BBC studios in Birmingham.

Enrichment of the curriculum is vital to ensure that our children develop a passion for learning and exploring. We have gifted and talented groups of children playing brass instruments,guitar and the recorder. We take part in the school games competitions organised by Calthorpe School which includes tournaments in hockey, football, athletics and basketball. The children all have a citizenship job in Year 6 and are encouraged to take a role in the running of the school and be a role model for the younger children.

Our Learning

Have a look at our Topic Webs, on our Curriculum page, to find out more about what we are learning.


A day out at Drayton Manor - our after SATs treat!
A science lesson where the children are learning all about forces.

Showing off our physical skills.
Learning all about conductors and insulators in our Science lesson.