Full Governor Committees and Interests

Governor Name  Type of Governor (see key below) Date Appointed  End of Term of Office Date/Reason for Stepping Down Relevant Business Interests (please specify) Links to other educational establishments (please specify) Personal relationships with school staff or other governors (please specify) Date of declaration
Nikki Hemming Ex-Officio 04.09.2023     None None None 07.09.2023
Sylvia Fry  LA 20.12.2017 22.01.2026   None None None 24.10.2023
Usman Khan CG 15.07.2023 14.07.2027   I am a director of a company that delivers after school provision at the school on two days of the week and we also apply for funding to then deliver holiday clubs at the school, free for students and the school. None None 19.09.2023
Ras Ghani  CG 04.12.2018 03.12.2026 (Reappointed 18.10.22)   Employed at Lloyds Banking Group None None 19.09.2023
Habib Rahman CG 12.07.2015    12.07.2027 (Reappointed 02.05.23)   Consultant to Automotive Industry - Freelance                                                IMechE
Seven Streets Residents Association
Member of the Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Council steering committee
Joseph Chamberlain College, Co-opted governor on search committee only None 26.09.2023
Anita Moore CG 13.07.2023 12.07.2027   St. Pauls CDT Safeguarding Link Governor for Ark Tindal School None 19.09.2023
Shazia Choudury STF 04.03.2022 03.03.2026   None None; Teacher at Clifton Primary None 24.10.2023
Naima Mustafa Mohammed PAR 21.03.2022 20.03.2026   None None None 24.10.2023
Shahban Ali PAR 21.03.2022 20.03.2026   Hackney Driver None None 19.11.2023
Vacancy AS              
Vacancy AS              
No longer serving (past 12 months only)
Sadim Garvey AS 20.09.2022 19.09.2026 Resigned 05.12.23        
Nasheima Sheikh CG 15.07.2019 14.07.2023 Term ended 14.07.23        
Rabia Afzal  CG 07.07.2020 06.07.2024 Resigned  06.07.23