Family Learning

At Clifton we run Inspire workshops for all year groups in the school. The aim is to involve all parents in their child's learning and to provide the opportunity for them to work one to one with their child.

Each workshop will focus on a particular area of the curriculum and parents can see how the subject is taught in that year group as well as being given useful ideas to support their learning at home. The workshops involve lots of practical activities and are lots of fun!

This is what we do in our Inspire Workshops for each year group:

  • Nursery - In Nursery parents find out about supporting children in learning to read.
  • Reception - In Reception the first Inspire workshop is about Literacy. Parents learn how phonics are taught at school and make resources to use at home with their children. In the spring term there is a workshop about Numeracy with many ideas to take away. During the summer term Reception's workshop give ideas for activities over the holidays and suggestions for supporting children as they move towards Year 1.
  • Year 1 - In Year 1 parents learn more about supporting reading and phonics at home and are provided with example questions and extension ideas.
  • Year 2 - The Year 2 Inspire is based on Maths. Parents learn about the Maths Mastery approach that is used at Clifton and how they can support this at home.
  • Year 3 - Year 3's workshop focusses on vocabulary and writing. Information is shared with parents on how different planning techniques can be used to help children structure their work.
  • Year 4 - Year 4's Inspire is on Reading. Parents find out more about the Accelerated Reader programme and how to support their children at home.
  • Year 5 - The Inspire in Year 5 is based in the new Clifton Science Lab. Here, parents will learn about the science and technology curriculum and explore practical activities that can be run at home.
  • Year 6 - In Year 6 the Inspire workshop explains to parents what Y6 SATS are all about. Parents look at the challenges children complete in school and are given ideas for supporting them at home.

Nursery Inspire Workshop.
Year 3 Inspire Workshop.

Year 4 Inspire Workshop.
Parents working with their children.