Rights Respecting School

Clifton Primary is proud to be a Unicef ‘Rights Respecting School' and currently have the Silver Award. The Rights Respecting Schools Award puts children’s rights at the heart of everything we do at Clifton.

Unicef works with schools in the UK to create safe and inspiring places to learn, where children are respected, their talents are nurtured and they are able to thrive.

Our Rights Respecting Schools Award embeds these values in daily school life and gives children the best chance to lead happy, healthy lives and to be responsible, active citizens.

The Award recognises Clifton’s achievement in putting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child into practice within the school and beyond. We regularly discuss children’s right in class, assemblies and our own steering group sessions.

The right to a clean and safe environment.
The right to a good education.

We consider the rights of others.
The right to express our views.