School Dinners

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Clifton Primary School works with CityServe to provide good value, nutritionally based school meals. As a healthy school we actively encourage good quality nutrition and children have a variety of choices of vegetables, salad and fruit each day.

  • Dinners cost £2.30 per day (£11.50 a week) for Key Stage 2 pupils and £2.00 per day (£10.00 a week) for full time Nursery pupils.
  • Dinners are free for all children in Reception and Key Stage 1 as of September 2014.

Dinner money must be paid in advance. You may pay weekly or termly in advance. Payments should be made using our online payment system, ParentPay, or using your ParentPay Pay Point card.

We also encourage healthy choices for children bringing packed lunches from home. Packed lunches need to include:

  • Something substantial (such as a sandwich, a chapatti or some pasta).
  • Some vegetables or fresh fruit.
  • Only one sweet snack!
  • A drink (water or fruit juice).

Please contact the school for more advice or information if required.

School meals are served daily in the Ocean Hall and the Woodland Hall where children and staff eat together to enjoy both school meals and packed lunches.

Current Menu

Our school dinner menu follows a three-week cycle. You can read the current menu below:

Where school provides packed lunches, the following menu lists what is available PLUS the allergens contained within each item (Natasha's Law):

Other related information:

Our school cooks.
Children and teachers enjoy lunch together.

School dinners and packed lunches are eaten together.
Packed lunches are eaten in the main dinner hall.