School Council

As our school continues to grow in size we have split in to two smaller groups. The first group is Year 1, 2 and 3 and the second group Years 4, 5 and 6.

We recognise that being a School Councillor is a privilege and we all wear our School Council Badge with pride and recognise that we must be good role models at all times. We are responsible in carrying out our duties.

Being a School Councillor helps us to grow in confidence and teaches us skills that we will need in life, especially when we get jobs and become adults in our community.

Years 4, 5 and 6 School Council

Key Stage 2 Councillors.

At the start of the academic year we hold democratic elections for school councillors. A boy and girl from each class join the school council.

We generally meet monthly with the Headteacher. The Year 6 councillors form a leadership group and we all decide what we want them to be responsible for.

This year their responsibilities are:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair and Charity Officer
  • Secretary
  • Health and Safety
  • Treasurer.

Each of the officers report back at council meetings.

The Chair runs the meetings and we all take minutes to practise our note taking. The secretary types them and they are saved on the school system and published on the website. They are also printed out for the KS2 notice board, learning mentors and each class. The minutes are discussed with all of the pupils in each class in circle time and then put in a class file ready for the next meeting.

We always start meetings by looking at the previous minutes. We check what jobs were given out at the last meeting and ask if they have been carried out. At every meeting each Councillor is given the opportunity to raise new school or class issues that they want discussed. The Chair ensures everyone has a voice and is listened to.

We are very proud of what we achieve throughout our year in office and know we are making a difference to the lives of all children in the school.

Over the last few years we helped to:

  • increase the number and variety of clubs that are run at school;
  • choose and purchase playground equipment with money that we are allocated each year;
  • choose sets of real books that we want to read;
  • get more money from the school budget to subsidise educational trips;
  • taken part in interview process for new staff;
  • sold poppies for the Poppy Appeal;
  • led an assembly in school;
  • made improvements to the lunchtime dining hall experience;
  • the keep Clifton Tidy Campaign;
  • promoting good manners across the school.

We hope you will continue to look at this website to read about what we are doing

Years 1, 2 and 3 School Council

Key Stage 1 Councillors.

We are made up of two class representatives from each Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 class. The councillors are chosen by a democratic vote that is held in each class in September.

Each class has its own class voice note book were we record class thoughts and concerns that are raised and discussed during circle time. This book is taken to each school council meeting where we then discuss the issues that are raised. As a group we look at possible solutions and the people that then could help us resolve these problems.

We share the minutes of the meetings and sometimes our teacher helps us so that everyone is aware of the outcome of the school council meetings.

School councillors are always available to the children in their class who may have additional concerns which they then can record in the class voice book.

We enjoy helping to sort out any problems or concerns. Being a school councillor is a very important job as we are the voice of Clifton pupils.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes are in pdf format