Allow us to introduce you to all our Teaching staff members.

These lovely pictures were drawn by some of our pupils. If you'd like to see what the staff really look like - just hover over the drawings with your mouse.

Mrs Ahmed
by Hannan

Mrs Akhtar
by Yumna

Mrs Allen
by Adil

Ms Bakewell
by Anisa

Miss Beavan
by Maram

Mrs Bhachu
by Azemina

Miss Bi
by Alliyah

Mr Burke
by Waheeda

Miss Cartledge
by Madeeha

Mr Chambers
by Aisha

Mrs Choudhury
by Zikra

Mrs Cook
by Afman

Miss Cummings
by Maleekha

Miss Deakin
by Elma

Mrs Eburah
by Laiyba

Mr Eddleston
by Umnia

Mrs Eggerton
by Abdullah

Mr Gray
by Abdikarim

Mrs Harris
by Sharfa

Miss Henry
by Inayah

Miss Hunt
by Aleeza

Mrs Hussain
by Mohammed

Ms Jabeen
by Bashiyer

Mrs Moore
by Waneesah

Ms Nisa
by Iram

Mrs Samantha Osborne
by Ismail

Ms Sarah Osborne
by Suhail

Mr Pengelly
by Husna

Mr P Power
by Yusuf

Miss Roachford
by Rawah

Ms Robertshaw
by Jannah

Mr Sawyer
by Eesa

Miss Shafiq

Mr Simpson
by Yazeed

Ms Slade
Mrs Emily Smith
by Husna

Mrs Emma Smith
by Imees

Mrs Sally Smith
by Shifa
Mrs Stacey Smith
by Zion

Mrs K Ward
by Husna

Mrs Waters
by Shifa

Teaching Staff

Name Name
Mrs Nasreen Ahmed Mrs Amina Hussain
Mrs Shazmeen Akhtar Ms Rahat Jabeen
Mrs Rebecca Allen Mrs Nicola Moore
Ms Sarah Bakewell Ms Lahraib Nisa
Miss Sarah Beavan Mrs Samantha Osborne
Mrs Amy Bhachu Ms Sarah Osborne
Miss Shabana Bi Mr Allen Pengelly
Mr Brendan Burke Mr Philip Power
Miss Lois Cartledge Miss Aahliyah Roachford
Mr Andrew Chambers Ms Hayley Robertshaw
Mrs Shazia Choudhury Mr Peter Sawyer
Mrs Julie Cook Mr Robin Simpson
Miss Syreeta Cummings Miss Maryam Shafiq
Miss Emily Deakin Ms Rosemary Slade (SENCO)
Mrs Hanna Eburah Miss Emily Smith
Mr Adam Eddleston Mrs Emma Smith
Mrs Penelope-Ann Eggerton Mrs Sally Smith
Mr Gerard Gray Mrs Stacey Smith
Mrs Nicola Harris Mrs Katrina Ward
Mrs Bethan Henry Mrs Annette Waters
Miss Lucy Hunt